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The Quick Ship Program

High quality expectations are essential for any successful business, especially on a tight project schedule.

The QuickShip program enables you to stay ahead of the unexpected expectations. We help enhance your competitive edge, so you can jumpstart installation faster than you thought possible. Once your Quick Ship order is placed, we will ship it within 10 business days.

The QuickShip Program fast-tracks some of our most coveted products for your next project.

We offer Quick Ship options for four products: BASO, LENO, M-LINE, ROUND, PANO and T-LINE.


A large selection of BASO lights are available for Quick Shipping. With a highly customizable array of lighting fixtures, from Perimeter to Recessed to Direct and Indirect, BASO offers flexibility and performance with faster delivery.

Visit the BASO product page


LENO is available for Quick Shipping as well. LENO integrates with Armstrong ceiling solutions as well, allowing for a clean and streamlined lighting treatment. Choose LENO for your next grid ceiling project and illuminate it with a sleek design and straightforward installation.

Visit the LENO product page


Also apart of the the Quick Ship program, M-LINE’s range offers a channel system that allows for the magnetic installation on insets. No tools required. With adjustable beam angles and an assortment of configurations, M-LINE is an excellent choice for prioritizing speed and customization.

Visit the M-LINE product page


ROUND instantly creates a bold statement while also seamlessly blending into your ceiling with a combination of form and a variety of sizes.  ROUND is can be supplied through the Quick Ship program in both the direct and direct/indirect formats and in all three diameters: 1.5, 2, and 3 feet wide.

Visit the ROUND product page


PANO and Armstrong® Woodworks® ceilings are the perfect combination for creating aesthetic and warm wood ceiling layouts. PANO comes in three different widths so you can select the size that best fits your stylish wood ceilings. All three widths are available for Quick Ship.

Visit the PANO product page

Terms and Conditions

  • “QuickShip” must be clearly listed on PO.

  • QuickShip items must be on Separate Purchase Order.

  • QuickShip orders must be received with complete and correct catalog numbers.

  • Variant request will not qualify for QuickShip program.
  • QuickShip orders must be received before 2 pm EST. After 2 pm, shipping will be based on the next business day.

  • QuickShip orders are based on standard XAL terms for payment.

  • Order change of any type will affect shipping times.

  • Partial shipments may be required based on current factory inventory.