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The ROUND luminaire family blends into every environment. Three diameter options and a balanced color selection either create a strong statement or illuminate discreetly. For additional highlights, indirect lighting can be added to the luminaire. A “shadow gap” towards the ceiling suggests a suspended appearance, and creates a decorative effect.

Rounded Perfection.

Uniform Lighting
Three diameters
Low Profile
Cutting-Edge design

Refined technology

Light Body

The lightweight deep-drawn housing makes installation less of an effort.

LED Driver

The LED is centrally integrated into the structure on top of the luminaire.

Release Tab

The locking keyhole mechanism is simply released by pressing the release tab, facilitating easy disassembly.

Opal Cover

ROUND is available with a translucent opal lay-in cover for uniform illumination.

Mounting Plate

The surface mounting plate has an integrated electrical connection and attaches to the ceiling. A patented smart keyhole mechanism makes mounting, locking and connecting the light body a matter of just one click.

Profile Frame

The frame of the ROUND is made of a high-quality powdercoated aluminum ring, bent and welded in-house. Available in different colors.

Circuit Board

We DO cut corners with our ROUND circuit board. Unlike other round fixtures, you'll find a round, highly reflective, circuit board that fills the housing end to end for perfect, consistent illumination with no dark spots.


Our standard light sources are high efficiency LEDs with a color rendering index of CRI ≥ 80 and color temperatures of 3000K 3500K and 4000K. They give ROUND a luminous efficacy of up to 124 lm/W.

Indirect Light

The indirect light component for illuminating the ceiling consists of a circular arrangement of LEDs with a protruding opal cover.

Optics with outstanding performance of up to 128 lm/W

ROUND achieves an exceptional luminous efficacy of up to 124 lm/W. Low energization leads to a low operating temperature for the LEDs and therefore to an outstanding efficiency. The highly reflective PCB coating provides 90 % reflectivity while the high performance opal cover ensures completely homogeneous illumination.

One simple click

Mounting and electrical connection with one click

The mounting plate is screwed directly to the ceiling and connects electrically with very little effort. A simple latch attaches the luminaire to its mounting bracket. The lamp body slides onto the mounting plate and locks in securely with a simple click. Thanks to this patentable mechanism, an electrical connection is established instantly. The luminaire in turn does not need to be opened at the job site which protects the LED circuit board by preventing dirt from entering and ESD shock to damage individual LEDs. This minimizes installation and maintenance costs, especially for larger projects.


Sophisticated in design with perfect round edges. Easy one-click installation system with a lean aluminum profile. Laterally coupled light enables a remarkable height of only 2 ½ inches. ROUND has ultra-slim housing unit, cutting edge design, and easy install making it perfect for any space.

Explore our mounting

Available Apertures

ROUND Ø 1  ½' Direct or Direct  / Indirect
ROUND Ø 2' Direct or Direct / Indirect
ROUND Ø 3' Direct or Direct / Indirect

Wall Mount


Surface Mount

    ROUND History

    The original, with over 15 years of experience and progression in technology and processes the ROUND is more andvanced and better than ever before.

    Making your room stand out

    BHP Billington

    BHP Billington