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About us


We produce luminaires and lighting systems for retail, office, hotel and residential spaces. We began our journey in 2000 and established our headquarters in New York City.

We are proud to showcase our 85,000 square foot facility in Oxford Connecticut. Truly exhibiting our mission of European design, manufactured in America.

We focus on vertical integration, our factory is home to our R&D, Production, Quality, and Customer Service teams. We are able to streamline our processes and provide short delivery times across the continent.


It is our objective to develop lighting solutions that are extraordinary in terms of technology and design. Therefore, research and development are just as integral as first-class know-how in production and logistics. These competences enable us to respond flexibly to our customers’ requirements and realize specially tailored solutions quickly and efficiently.

Design and Innovation

Design and Innovation

Our company has over 30 years of experience in the development of high-quality luminaires. We led the charge working with LED technology while others were still waiting to see where it would go. We have been manufacturing innovative LED luminaires since 2003 and are playing an active role in refining the technology.

Our facility in Oxford, Connecticut houses our research and development team. Having everything in house, we can design, rapidly prototype, and test our fixtures faster and with better accuracy than ever before. We are constantly investing in new processes and technology so that we can offer our customers better, more energy efficient, and higher quality products.


An efficient factory requires cleanliness, organization, and motivated employees to perform at the highest level.

Our factory exemplifies these standards. Our employees are hard-working, organized, and proud of their work.

This is exemplified through our spotless warehouse.

Electronic Production

One of our key differentiators is our in-house electronic production department.

We utilize separate surface mount technology lines for assembling all of our circuit boards. One line is for high quantity production runs, while the other has the flexibility to work on many unique and customized boards.

By bringing these capacities in-house, it allows us to be agile and flexible, whether you need 10,000ft of BASO, or a small customized order, we have the resources and capabilities to get it done.

Laser Cutting

Our laser cutting machine is used for precision cutting. It emits a high-powered laser beam to either cleanly cut or etch a specific design on a flat sheet metal. Commercial lasers for cutting material uses a motion control system to follow a CNC pattern. The focused laser beam is directed at the material leaving precise results with a high-quality surface finish.

We also want to reduce the amount of waste material. Essentially, we are able to combine multiple laser cut parts and designs in one production run and optimize the material usage.

Sheet Metal Bending

After our laser cutting machine produces the flat pattern, it is pressed and bent to form various components, from small brackets to large housings.

Not only are we using the best machines, our in-house craftsmanship and technique are crucial to this process. It gives us the most flexibility when designing our products and pushing boundaries of creativity, especially when our clients have custom requirements for a specific project.

CNC Routing

A CNC router is a machine designed to carve out complex shapes from soft materials like wood, plastic, expanded foam and metals.

We utilize this tool to create jigs for our production processes for welding and field templates, such as creating custom made templates for the carpenter in the field if the light fixture and wall need to match.

Profile Milling

A mechanical manufacturing department needs state of the art machines and skilled CNC tradesmen to properly utilize them.

We use the highest quality machines so that our cuts, holes, slots, and grooves are accurate every time.

An inch here or there can make a big difference on site, with this in mind, our machines have precise tolerances less than a fraction of a millimeter.

Profile Bending

Bringing new processes and techniques into our facility has had a great effect on our productivity and lead times.

A tiny inaccuracy can have a dramatic effect on any curved or rounded fixture. By bringing these processes in-house, we provide the highest quality fixtures and guarantee precision through every part of the manufacturing process.

Acrylic Bending

Bending metals is easy. The real challenge is bending acrylics while maintaining the exact characteristics of the light diffusion and distribution. By heating up the lenses in non-toxic, food grade glycerin we are able to mold the lenses for any custom radius starting at 18 inches. We can recycle and reuse the glycerin after every produced lens which makes this process much more sustainable.

Also, incorrectly produced lenses can be remolded to eliminate waste. BASO's manufacturing team has a large amount of expertise and years of experience with Acrylic Bending. This mastery allows us to employ the degree of quality we seek in our products.


The metalworks are just as important as the acrylics.

Our welding department is another pivotal addition to our capacities. We weld all of products in house.

Once our profiles are bent, we must accurately trim the excess and weld the parts together. We continue to adapt and add to our vast manufacturing repertoire.

We look forward to showing you what we can do!


Our highly efficient facility is built with a lean manufacturing "pull" system in mind, all processes culminating in the assembly hall.

LEDs are a delicate material, a small static shock that we couldn't even register on our fingertips can drastically reduce it's lifetime. In order to not only have a warranty but to truly stand behind our products, we maintain a 100% ESD (electro-static discharge) neutral assembly area.

Our floors are coated with an ESD protected paint. All our assemblers wear a protective coat, ESD gloves and grounding foot straps. They must also "buzz" into the assembly area, if they are not perfectly ESD neutral the gate will not allow them access.



Quality to us isn't just a one-time check.

From the moment material comes through our doors, it is thoroughly inspected to ensure our products will be built with consistency and meet our rigorous standards.

We are also proud to utilize a 100% outgoing product quality inspection. We audit the illuminiation, dimming, color temperature, color rendering index, and exterior finish. You can be positive every fixture that leaves our facility has been thoroughly tested and approved before it was packaged.


When it comes to our products, we strive to deliver fixtures that work from the moment they leave our facility to the moment they arrive on site.

Our packaging and shipping department elevates each product so that no fixture is left un-protected or un-boxed. We take photos of each shipment's packaging process and utilize trustworthy logistics companies so that you receive our fixtures on-time and in perfect shape.

Technical Support

We pride ourselves on our committed service to you.

Our office and factory in Oxford, CT is home to both our production and our Technical Support Department. 

In addition, we have an office and representatives on the West Coast to provide assistance across the continent.

Our Technical Support Department can be reached by emailing:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or by calling:

(203) 262-9990

We are always available to answer all of your questions and concerns.