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Flexibility meets elegance

The sleek M-LINE has revolutionized channel systems. No tools are required as insets are installed using magnets, which gives you the flexibility to combine them in a variety of ways. Trimless installation and the streamlined spots make for an especially elegant system. The patented slider makes adjusting the beam angle easy so that you can highlight objects just the way you want them. Maximum light quality, outstanding in every detail.

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Available Insets

Pure elegance

Uniform light distribution

Broad light distribution with a discrete look. Opal insets make an impact with their streamlined design and generate base lighting that illuminates objects and rooms evenly. When combined with spot insets, opal insets can stage architectural elements, museum spaces, and retail spaces to great effect.

The effect in space

The M-LINE has the flexibility to adapt to every new situation and react to the changing requirements from room to room — whether you'd like to evenly illuminate a wall or accentuate a particular object. No tools are necessary for adjustment, you can enjoy maximum flexibility within the room, spots are easy to swivel and tilt, and beams can be focused. All M-LINE insets can be dimmed with no flickering to a minimum value of 0.5 % to create the optimum setting.

  • Linear

  • L- Shapes

  • Z-Shapes

  • Rectangular Shapes

  • U-Shapes


  • Wall to Ceiling

    Made for enjoying light

    We developed the TUBE inset for the M-LINE track to allow light to act as a design element, thus transforming lighting from a means to an end to an art form.

    Design coming full circle

    TUBE insets attach to the light rails inside the profile magnetically without any tools. You can rotate them 360° and move them freely on one end.

    Making your room stand out

    Small size, high output

    We integrate high-end technology into even the smallest spots. The beam angle of our SPOT 1.0 with a focus lens can be easily adjusted with the patented slider, which gives you the flexibility to react to changing lighting requirements.

    Invisible illumination

    Multi spot insets feature a reduced design vocabulary. LEDs retreat into the background, lending ceilings a perfectly subdued look. The output effectively highlights displayed objects in various settings.

    The M-Line Power Supply