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Our Commitment

As part of our Integrated Management System (IMS), we are committed to:

Fulfilling agreed customer requirements as well as compliance with legal and regulatory obligations.

Improving our performance in the areas of quality, occupational health & safety and environmental protection.

Protecting the environment through the economical use of raw materials, resources and avoiding waste.

The IMS Infrastructure

We have sustainability in our DNA.

And we’re focusing on going green!

Our company has stringent processes are key to succeeding in our sustainability goals.

We’re moving towards sourcing all of our electricity from renewable energy sources and providing a cleaner, healthier working environment for all employees.

"We under-promise and over-deliver."

Stefan Krotmeier, CEO

Management Cockpit

Our Actions

Sustainability is an essential building block of environmental responsibility at our company.

We ensure compliance with legal environmental protection standards, while minimizing our environmental impact and continually improving the company’s carbon footprint. We aim to procure any resources responsibly and to use energy, water and raw materials sparingly.

Environmental Management

We work towards reducing our carbon footprint by managing the transportation of raw materials as well as the In-House production.

Additionally, we are pursuing sustainability certifications for our products such as UL Listings, cULus and Declare, while monitoring our key performance indicators (KPIs).

Occupational Health & Safety

Safety is paramount to all of our employees.

It is their responsibility to report any unsafe work conditions immediately.

Our developed products and services strive to meet modern health, safety, environmental and quality guidelines.

Sustainable Development Goals

The Executive Board and Senior Management have committed themselves to aligning our company's sustainability strategy with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.