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Powerful and efficient

The T-LINE track is equipped with track heads and the latest generation LEDs. Combining interchangeable tracks, two different sizes and a range of configurations, T-LINE mixes streamlined design with customization to provide excellent lighting solutions.


T-LINE includes many features for modern design solutions:

Uniform Lumination
Up to 2300lm Output                                    Available in black and white finishes

Stays on track

The T-LINE spot lights use an adjustable crank to lock the lights in position on the track and they can be moved anywhere on the track with ease.

Just the  right angle

The spot light itself is available in two sizes: 2.5 and 3.0. Both have a rotation of 350 degrees and a tilt of 90 degrees for a dynamic output.

Track Feeds

T-LINE also includes a selection of track feeds that can provide power across the spotlights attached them. Highlights include the L-feed, straight connector, T-feed and X-feed.  Each of these track feeds help create routing ideal to unique room layouts and impressive compositions.





Making your room stand out