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Combine linear, track and shapes

Flexibility meets elegance

R-LINE® is the next generation of low voltage track systems. Our patented technology allows you to place track heads, louver spots and curved linear insets into the curved corner of the track.

The R-LINE® system has a particularly slim profile and is the modern choice for interior design with maximum freedom and sleeker aesthetics. From harmonious curves to precise corners, the track provides customization in lighting design with five track types, and seven inset types.

Explore our tracks

The R-LINE® track includes three different configurations: R1, R2, and R3 allow for insets to be installed in a variety of ways.

R1 and R2 can be installed with as surface, recessed or pendant tracks. R3 can only be installed with the DIRECT/INDIRECT pendant format.

A large selection of insets

R-LINE® insets come in many shapes and sizes. Complete your lighting track with luminaires like LOUVER, SPOT, CURVE and LINEAR that click directly into the track.

Color Options

With a wide range of color finishes available for R-LINE®, you can light up the room with a splash of style and vibrancy.

Our full line-up

R-LINE® has an elegance in variation that allows for many different lighting solutions.

The effect in space

Let your creativity run wild and specify the R-LINE® system for your next project. The special curve and corner elements allow the straight tracks to form harmonious shapes and precise contours. Since all of the track and light elements work seamlessly, you can configure your ideal custom-made system, manufactured in America.

Making your projects stand out